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Acrojam“ Acro competiton for paragliders in categories solo and synchro

The “Acrojam” is an aerobatic paragliding competition according to the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) category 2 APWC.

Every participating pilot has to own a valid FAI sport- license, a paragliding bill, a Liability insurance and recovery costs insurance for the competition.

It´s possible to register for the categories solo and synchro, or for both as well. The starting order of the pilots refers to the date of registration. At registration on 13th August (5:00 to 8:00 pm), at hotel “Haus am See”, will also be the pilots equipment check. It´s only allowed to start with a tested glider, with out damaget lines or somethin like that. A helmet which corresponds to the standard EN 966, and a harness with two rescues may be used. At the registration every pilot has to sign a disclaimer which saves the organizer from any liability, also compared to third.

There will be 30 pilots accepted for solo and 20 teams for synchro. When more pilots registredet we will fly a qualifying run on Thursday. The first 15 pilots of the WAPR are fix, so there are 15 places left and the other pilots have to fight vor that one. For the pilots who has to do the savety selection, the equipment check will be on 13th August, 11:00 am at hotel “Haus am See”.

The entry fee per pilot and competition is 50 euro per day, for those who start in both, solo and synchro, it is 75 euro per day. The entry fee includes food and beverage brands, transfer from the landing place to the cable car, campsite and the cable car tickets for the days of competition.

For the scores the pilots will get at the “Acrojam”, there will be tested judges of the FAI, because the points will be recognized in the world cup point system, which is important for the world cup result.

The landings will be on a prepared platform (7x7m) in the lake Hallstatt. The athletes are just allowed to show their maneuvers in the, from the organizer defined “Flightbox”. If a pilot ignores that point, he or she will get warned, if it happens again and again, the pilot will be disqualified!

Price money:


1. Solo: 750 €
2. Solo: 500 €
3. Solo: 250 €
4. Solo: 175 €
5. Solo: 125 €


1. Team syncro: 1500 €
2. Team syncro: 800 €
3. Team syncro: 500 €
4. Team syncro: 200 €


1. female: 250 €


Entry Fee:

Solo € 200 per pilot

Synchro € 200 per pilot

Solo & syncro € 300 per pilot



1st day, Wednesday 13th August 2014

all day free training please note there is no boat on the lake

11:00 am registration and equipment check for the pilots who has to do the savety selection

14:00 pm start of the “savety selection”, award of the 5 wildcards

5:00 - 8:00 pm registration of pilots and equipment (exactly place will follow soon)


2nd day Thursday 14th August 2014

7:15-8:00 am breakfast

8:00-8:30 am briefing

8:45 am transfer to the cable car

10:00 am 1st solo run

3:00 pm 1st synchro run


3rd day, Friday 15th August 2014

7:15-8:00 am breakfast

8:00-8:30 am briefing

8:45 am transfer to the cable car

10:00 am 2nd solo run

3:00 pm 2nd synchro run


4th day, Saturday 16th August 2014

7:15-8:00 am breakfast

8:00-8:30 am briefing

8:45 am transfer to the cable car

10:00 am final run solo

3:00 pm final run synchro

5:00 pm presentation ceremony


5th day, Sunday 17th August 2014

alternative day in case of bad weather


Organizer: GSV Obertraun/Krippenstein

A-4831 Obertraun

Stiegergasse 62


Competition: 3rd Acrojam

4831 Obertraun


Date: 14. - 18. August 2013

three days of competition


Responsible persons: Main officer: Florian Höll

Sub officer: Helmut Schrempf

Headjudge: Iris Vogt

Start officer: Thomas Hemetzberger

Technical Direktor: Helmut Schrempf/ Florian Höll


Event Places: Takeoff Krippenstein Summit
Landingzone 1: Raft on the Lake.
Landingzone 2: Emergency Landingplace near by the Beach pictures you can find under the button Flightbox


Entre Fee for all three days:

Solo 200€ per pilot

Synchro 200€ per pilot

Solo and Synchro 300€ per pilot




Three Lunschtickets and tickets for drinks


transfer from landinzone to the cable car

cable car ticket for three days



Bank: GSV Obertraun/Krippenstein

Volksbank Bad Goisern Zwst.: Obertraun

Kontonr.: 38244550000

Blz: 40720

IBAN: AT814072038244550000



Protest fee: 100 Euro

Number of maximum pilots: max. 30. pilots Solo

max. 20. teams Synchro

Selection Solo: first 15 on the WAPR

15 Wildcards

maybe qualification run when we had more than 30 pilots solo or more than 20 teams synchro

Doping: By Austrian law anytime you may reckon that there could be doping controlls.

Regulations: The regulations for the aerea Flightpark Krippenstein are compulsory.

Phone Number: In case of delay call: Florian Höll +43664 344 56 83

Liability: The organizer assumes no liability compared to pilots or third parties.



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